ScIQ Saturday: Science Communication Recommended Reading BOOK…

ScIQ Saturday: Science Communication Recommended Reading 


#1 ‘Write, Present, Create: Science Communication for Undergraduates’ is a book by Mary Poffenroth that helps undergraduates complete papers, presentations, and new media projects in science courses.

Overall, it’s a really useful resource for anyone wanting to build their science communication skills – because it has information about public speaking presenting, hand gestures, video editing, engaging your audience, voice intonation.

It also goes more into depth with how students can organize their research, plan projects, correctly cite sources, and self-edit.

For a general audience – I would give it 4 stars – just because the information about paying attention in class and how to study is not really essential for a broader audience.

But overall, I really liked how this book was easy to read, short and to the point. It’s organized in a way so that you can simply take what you need from it. A great resource for science communicators.

#2 Houston We have A Narrative by Randy Olson

How people learn best through stories, including some really compelling neurscience research about how people’s brains turn on when they’re watching a narrative compared to when they’re just watching a random scene. It also goes a step further to show you exactly HOW to use narrative. I give it 5 beakers of red wine, and my tip that you should get youself a copy now.

#3 True Enough – True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society by Farhad Manjo

Came out in 2008 – Oldie but a goodie

Talks about how people fool themselves into believing theories that have no basis in reality, like 9/11 conspiracies, climate change denialists, etc.

I found it super interesting in understanding how the other half think.

This video is presented by Jayde Lovell, produced and edited by Eliza Miller, at Youtube Space NYC.

By: ScIQ.
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ScIQ Saturday: Science Communication Recommended Reading BOOK…

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