Cool Shit In Science: Tampons for Wounded Soldiers & The…

Cool Shit In Science: Tampons for Wounded Soldiers & The Future of Meat 

Did you know that tampons have been used by soldiers to treat gun shot wounds since the vietnam war? Yeah, I didn’t know that either.

But this new piece of science tech takes treating bullet wounds to the next level. The revolutionary new bullet wound tampon expands to stop the bleeding in a matter of seconds. Rather than having a medic apply pressure from the outside, the small, expanding sponges are injected into a wound cavity and apply pressure from within. The combination of pressure and absorption stops bleeding almost immediately. Each sponge also contains a marker that you can detect with an x-ray, to make sure none of the little sponges get lost inside.

Lab-Grown meat

Our producer Bec has gone vegan again, which means she’s going to be cranky and annoying for the next two weeks until she gives up and starts eating meat again.

Did I mention that meat is delicious?

But Bec is right to try, because not only are most slaughterhouse pretty rough, but beef is pretty much the worst thing we can do to our planet. Cows are responsible for about 15 percent of greenhouse gas emissions, so beef is worse than all the cars, trucks, planes and boats in the world.

But hopefully sometime in the not too distant future, wannabe vegans everywhere won’t have to give up meat in order to be ethical…

Lab grown meat has been available since 2013, but cost almost half a million dollars for one hamburger, and wasn’t all that tasty. But scientists predict they’ll be able to produce a burger patty for under 10 bucks in about 5 years time – by using tissue from real cows and growing the muscle cells in massive incubators.

And it’s not just beef – New Wave Foods, a San Francisco startup – have created synthetic popcorn shrimp by combining red algae – something shrimp normally eat to get that pink color – with protein powder.

So guys – this is just another example of how investing in science (in research and development) – can make our world better. Not just for cows and chickens and pigs – but for all the humans who live on the planet… who won’t be gassed to death by the methane of our future philly cheese steaks and Big Macs.

By: ScIQ.
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Cool Shit In Science: Tampons for Wounded Soldiers & The…

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