Time – Physics Ep 1 (Newtonian)We can predict the future….

Time – Physics Ep 1 (Newtonian)

We can predict the future. Physics and calculus allow us to watch objects change over time and space. This means we can go beyond looking at what is happening and peer in the past and make predictions about the future.

Time is an important part of the study of physics. The evolution of timekeeping devices from the sun to the atomic clock has assisted advancing our understanding of the universe.

Celestial Timekeepers – Physics – Sundial (Time Activity)

“What time is it?” is one of our oldest questions. This video explores some of the ways ancient civilizations used celestial objects to keep track of time.

Repeatable Timekeepers – Physics – Water Clocks, Candles, & Sand Clocks (Time Activity)

Let’s explore how to keep time on cloudy days. Ancient civilizations used water, wax, and sand to keep time.

Oscillating Timekeepers – Physics – Pendulum (Time Activity)

Crystals and atoms are now our standard for timekeeping. The use of pendulums started the progression to using clocks that keep track of their own oscillations.

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Time – Physics Ep 1 (Newtonian)We can predict the future….

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