Early Christian Schisms: “Oxyrhynchus Hymn” – Sean…

Early Christian Schisms: “Oxyrhynchus Hymn” – Sean and Dean Kiner – Extra History 

“We started out with a single voice singing the original melody from the Oxyrhynchus Hymn–the oldest Christian song with both lyrics and musical notation. Other voices join him singing in unison, but slowly start to wander into their own melodies. As the song progresses the melodies become wildly different and the middle eastern instruments are eventually replaced by more modern instruments. At the end, the original hymn endures, but is colored by the multitude of other melodies surrounding it. These wandering melodies are appropriated by a giant church organ to be brought into line for a single, unified harmony.” -Kiner Brothers Music

By: Extra Credits.
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Early Christian Schisms: “Oxyrhynchus Hymn” – Sean…

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