What if I still don’t think I’m sick enough? Some…

What if I still don’t think I’m sick enough? 

Some professionals are just bad at their jobs. That’s the truth. So we may have to shout to get the help that we need or possibly get another opinion from another mental health professional.

One of the questions I received like this is below:

Could you do a video on not feeling sick enough or doubting you have a mental illness at all even when you’ve been diagnosed with one? I feel I have this problem of having minor problems with everything (some eating issues, never diagnosed as they are not bad enough, really minor self harm), but am seriously not sick enough with anything and therefore not worthy of help. I’ve had a lot of invalidating comments and judged as “not sick enough” and turned down when asking for help from professionals too. I’m afraid I don’t have depression, I just have a bad self esteem, because I really am good at nothing, lazy and a bad person. Basically that I don’t have real depression or it’s really minor and therefore everything I thought was the “voice of depression” is actually true. I don’t feel like my past was bad enough to warrant PTSD diagnoses. That no matter how bad I feel those feelings just aren’t and can’t be bad enough to be valid and real. Any help much appreciated!

By: Kati Morton.
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What if I still don’t think I’m sick enough? Some…

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