Francisco Franco: Dictator of Spain (Tom Richey Tonight) TOM…

Francisco Franco: Dictator of Spain (Tom Richey Tonight) 

TOM RICHEY TONIGHT is a new format I’m trying where I interview scholars about topics that interest me that I know very little about.

I had the pleasure of sitting down with Dr. Enrique Sanabria to discuss the career and legacy of General Francisco Franco. Dr. Sanabria is an Associate Professor of History at the University of New Mexico who specializes in Modern Spain. In our conversation, we discussed the Spanish Civil War, Franco’s relationship with Fascist parties, the conservative nature of Franco’s dictatorship and how it changed over time during the Cold War.

In discussing General Franco, Dr. Sanabria highlights the concept of two Spains: a liberal, progressive Spain and a conservative, Catholic Spain. Spain continues to grapple with the controversial legacy of a man who is still remembered fondly by some in the conservative, Catholic camp and reviled by those in the liberal, progressive camp.

This interview will be beneficial for teachers and students of European History who would like to learn about a topic that tends to lurk in the background of the narrative of twentieth century dictatorships and the World War II era.

By: Tom Richey.

Francisco Franco: Dictator of Spain (Tom Richey Tonight) TOM…